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Is it possible to redirect packets that are being passed through a bridge
based on their protocol/port, so that if a HTTP packet (port 80) goes
through the bridge, no matter what its destination is, it will be
redirected to IP address

Yes. In order to redirect packets to a different IP address, you have to rewrite those packets, which is what natd or ipnat do, working at layer 3.

Thats what I'm trying to solve.  I know that you can do the above
successfully if you are using a NAT (ipnat) or if you are doing routing
(IPFW's forward command), but is it possible to do it with a bridge?

Bridging works at layer-2. Without using NAT, bridging alone will forward the traffic but not change the destination IP to

Note that the IPFW forward command redirects traffic via a specific outbound interface, it does not perform layer-3 routing (ie, your traditional IP stuff using netmasks, gateways, and the local routing table that most people mean by the word "routing").


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