Hi Alexander,

Alexander wrote:
Hello Peter,

    Try tunning maxusers in your kernel configuration file
    maxproc = 20 + 16 * maxusers

Thanks for this. Since posting my first message, I have been investigating the problem further.

The server on which this behaviour appears also has mod_php installed. Running the same script using mod_php does not replicate the problem. It only occurs with cgi/suexec. This makes me suspect it is not a problem of basic system settings. It also gives me an avenue for workarounds.

I notice that there was an issue with apache suexec failing to observe maxproc settings and that this was fixed fairly recently through a patch which has been included in the port.I wonder whether this patch might be at the root of the problem.

I think I need to try some tests on other builds and perhaps with Linux as a control to see whether I can replicate the same behaviour.

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