I just had a crash on two of the drives on one vinum RAID-5 volume;
fortunately I could recover the data and build a new one. However, while doing
this I did something 'stupid', which I managed to fix, but I wanted to know
what the right way would have been.

Like I said one RAID-5 volume was crashed, but I have two volumes on this
machine. The other was running just fine, but since I had to swap a lot of
drives in/out for recovering the data, I thought I'd disconnect the drives of
the other volume and use those ATA channels to attach my backup drives; all of
this went great, until I had to reattach the drives with the old volume on

Up until this point, vinum had been showing the still good volume as 'crashed'
because all subdisks were in state 'referenced'; of course, the corresponding
drives could not be found (they were physically detached) so I didn't think
this odd.

When I reconnected the drives though, it still said the volume was crashed.
On the one hand I can understand this; this information was saved on all vinum
drives, so it was also saved on the drives of the other volume. On the other
hand, all the drives in the detached volume were consistent, on the same
channels etc as before, and they had the right configuration data on them;
shouldn't vinum be able to figure out that all disks were still allright and
the data intact?

I managed to correct this by manually doing 'setstate up <drive>' for all four
drives in the volume; this worked, and appeared to have no ill effects. Is
this the right way to do this?

Should I have done something different?



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