Bill Moran wrote:
Christian Laursen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
If you are running FreeBSD 5, you should be able to make a filesystem snapshot
and rsync from there.

I suppose I should have commented on that ;)

We're not running FreeBSD 5 on these production machines yet ... but it's
likely we will be soon, so I'm considering using snapshots.

To my understanding, we still have to stop Cyrus while the snapshot is
being created (to ensure consistency) but since a snapshot takes a lot
less time than an rsync, this should be a big improvement.  Once the
snapshot is created, rsync can take as long as necessary.

No, snapshots can be taken without significantly interrupting running processes, although I'm not sure how long filesystem access gets blocked while creating the snapshot. You could also detach a RAID-1 mirror of the data (using vinum, ccd, whatever) and backup that, and then re-attach and resync the mirror drive to the live volume.

Both of these methods make taking a very current backup easy; they do not provide live replication of the data, however.


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