Hey all,
     I have a rather stupid question...  I currently have an old Compaq
DP6000 6266mmx box running as one of my test servers.  The default
boot option is Non-ACPI (running FreeBSD 5.1).  If I just let the
loader screen come up (The one with the little ascii devil) and not
do anything, the machine will hang at boot.  Somewhere around
Mounting the / filesystem...  If I select option # 2 ACPI enabled,
then the machine boots with no problem.  What can I modify to make
the machine Automatically select option # 2 during the boot process? 
It gets a tad bit annoying to have to stand in front of the box
everytime I want to reboot it.


PS. I already have ACPI_ENABLE="YES" in my rc.conf file.  Yes this is a
ACPI compliant Machine.
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