It is serial debugging, as described in the Developer's Handbook.

I have set up the same remote debugging environment in linux using gdb/ddd with success. Further, the "Interrupt" button in ddd is ^C, and in gdb ^C is what is used to break execution, at least in past experience in linux.

How would I send a "BREAK", and how would one setup ddd to use that instead of ^C? That should definitely be addressed in the developer's handbook if it is non-standard for FreeBSD.


John E Hein wrote:

Mark Teel wrote at 19:48 -0500 on Jun 22, 2004:
> I have configured remote kernel debugging as prescribed in the > developer's handbook.
> I am able to step through code, but once I enter "cont" in gdb on the > debug machine, I cannot ever "interrupt" or "break" the target kernel > execution. It is as if the Ctrl-C character is being ignored on the > target. The target kernel was built with the ddb and -g options set, > using config -g as well.
> > Has anyone seen such a problem? This is the last hurdle before I can > start debugging my wireless device driver.

If you mean serial debugging, you use the serial BREAK, not ctrl-c.
If you are connecting using tip, you use ~# to send a break (man tip).

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