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> I've worked through the FreeBSD document, searching for a method to
> assigning one IP address to two physical NICs on the same subnet.
> Currently I'm a support administrator working on Tru64 UNIX systems, but
> every now and then I need to lend a hand to the FreeBSD staff, and my
> knowledge falls a little short here. 
> In Tru64, this is accomplished with Link Aggregation or lagconfig. I've
> searched high and low for a way of doing the same on a FreeBSD system,
> version 4.9, but to no avail. Any assistance or direction given as to
> how I can go about this, would truly be appreciated. 

NetGraph is your friend.  Start by reading the ng_one2many(1) man
page.  Then look at netgraph(4), ngctl(8), ng_hook(8).  Note that
ng_one2many is designed to give you the agregate bandwidth of several
NICs -- not to provide resilient network connectivity.

There is also an undocumented ng_fec module which does ethernet
channel bonding using Cisco's Fast EtherChannel mechanism, but you'll
have to use the source to work out how to use it.

If you actually want resilience rather than bandwidth, then take a
look at the net/freevrrpd port.



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