In the last episode (Jun 23), Paul Prinsloo (TEBiVO) said:
> I've worked through the FreeBSD document, searching for a method to
> assigning one IP address to two physical NICs on the same subnet.
> Currently I'm a support administrator working on Tru64 UNIX systems,
> but every now and then I need to lend a hand to the FreeBSD staff,
> and my knowledge falls a little short here.
> In Tru64, this is accomplished with Link Aggregation or lagconfig.
> I've searched high and low for a way of doing the same on a FreeBSD
> system, version 4.9, but to no avail. Any assistance or direction
> given as to how I can go about this, would truly be appreciated.

It can be done with netgraph and either the nc_fec or ng_one2many
nodes. ng_one2many is documented, but does not do link failure
detection and always uses roundrobin delivery (which may result in
out-of-order packets).  ng_fec's output hash can be either on MAC
address or IP address.  Neither node sends LACP or PAgP packets so you
must manually configure the switch at the other end.  The only
documentation for ng_fec is in the orignal maililnglist announcement at

        Dan Nelson
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