Damon Butler wrote:

Hurm. That's all well and good, I guess, but *why* is Linux initializing the on-board sound while FreeBSD is/can not? I admit my understanding of PC hardware to be limited, but I had thought that the purpose of the BIOS was to "initialize" the hardware for the OS to recognize. Doesn't it hand out IRQs and so forth?

The bios is more like a wakeup call, it tells things that need to be told to wake up and say hello, anything after that is up to the hardware, more than likley it's a quirk in the particular peice of hardware, something about the way it works that differes just enough from the norm to need special attention to get it going.

Is my problem indicative of a general driver deficiency in FreeBSD?
Is there some module I'm not aware of that, were I to load it, take care of this mysterious "initialization" ?

No, this looks like a device specific quirk, like how the 3com 905c will always try and share irq's with my soundcard in my home machine regardless of anything i do yet in other machines it behaves itself :)

With the sheer amount of hardware and variations on hardware available these things are to be occasionaly expected :)

Mike Woods
IT Technician

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