I'm running FreeBSD 5.2.1 and I'm using cups to handle my printing.  I
have no trouble printing from other applications such as Firefox but
whenever I try to print an email from Thunderbird I get a warning box
that says, "There was a problem printing because the paper size you
specified is not supported by your printer".  I thought this was rather
odd, and upon further investigation I discovered that the printer prefs
from the prefs.js file were not being loaded by Thunderbird.  I checked
the file and the entries are there:

borges[f5ihojke.slt 151]% grep print.printer_PostScript prefs.js
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_bgcolor", false);
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_bgimages", false);
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_command", "lpr
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_evenpages", true);
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_footercenter", "");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_footerleft", "&PT");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_footerright", "&D");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_headercenter", "");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_headerleft", "&T");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_headerright", "&U");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_in_color", true);
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_margin_bottom", "0.5");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_margin_left", "0.5");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_margin_right", "0.5");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_margin_top", "0.5");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_oddpages", true);
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_orientation", 0);
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_paper_height", " 11.00");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_paper_size_type", 1);
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_paper_size_unit", 0);
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_paper_width", "  8.50");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/default.print_reversed", false);

but if I go to Properties in the box that comes up after hitting Print,
all the fields are completely BLANK (e.g. Paper Size, Margins, etc).  I
know that printing used to work from this program so I really have no
clue what could have happened to bork printing from just this one
program.  Out of curiosity, I renamed my .thunderbird folder and
restarted the program so as to get a "fresh start" and the same thing
happened.  So, apparently, even with a clean slate, it still doesn't
load the printer prefs.  Does anyone have any idea why this might be?
I've searched on Google and the mailing lists to no avail.

Please cc me in any replies as I am not subscribed to this list.  Thank you.


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