soheil hyeganeh wrote:

Dear all,

I install FreeBSD 5.2.1 ( with X ) on my Dell Inspiron
2650. The X is working properly. It's out of the box!
After I start X (xinit, startx, gdm , ... ) and then
return to the console ( text mode e.g. ttyv[0-7] ), I
can not see anything, there is some white wavy lines
on my monitor.
Does anyone know how can I solve this problem ?
Is it about the Vertical or Horizental parameters (
frequency, refresh rate , ... ) of X?

Best Regards,


I don't know how to prevent it from occurring, but I know how to solve
it once it happens, as I have the same problem with my laptop. Sometimes
when I go from X to console mode, the screen garbles up. The same thing
happens if I close the lid on my laptop and open it while in X. The
solution: in console mode, close the lid and open it again.

This works for me, at least. I have no idea how to prevent it from
occurring, though. Have you tried the XFree mailing lists?

-Henrik W Lund

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