> I'd like to have answered the following, for which i
> looked in the manuals and documentations but i
> couldn't find:
> 1.FreeBSD's Structure as O.S.
> 2.FreeBSD's Methodology as O.S.
> 3.Kernel or Core and O.S. Levels for FreeBSD(User,
> Kernel, hardware, etc.).
> 4.Processes management: Concurrence, Syncrhonization,
> Plannification.
> 5.Interblockade: Prevention, Detection, Recuperation
> and Strategies
> 6.Memory management
> 7.I/O Management
> 8.File System Interface

Sounds like you have a class assignment due.
All this is in various places in the documentation,
though not always with the same descriptive name
you are using in your list.  So, do your homework...


> Thanks
> Carlos Escobar
> PD: If possible please answer before 24 Hours. Thanks
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