Greetings, list!

I have a question regarding my boot0 setup. First, let me lay out my harddrive topology:

Onboard Serial ATA RAID controller --> 1 HDD, 120 GB all in one slice. FreeBSD resides on this.
Onboard Secondary IDE controller --> 1 HDD, 20 GB all in one slice. Home of WinXP.

On the 120 GB disk, I have installed the boot0 bootmanager. It provides the following output on startup:

F1 FreeBSD
F5 Drive 1

Now, the thing is, regardless of whether I press F1 or F5, it always ends up booting the FreeBSD drive (the one on the Serial ATA controller). What can I do to make it boot from the other one? Can I at all? The alternatives are entering the BIOS and manually changing the disks' boot priorities - which is kinda awkward - or installing a different bootmanager. Both alternatives are not tempting, both because I like simplicity, and because I don't know what complications (if any) my running FreeBSD/amd64 might introduce into the installation of another bootmanager.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

-Henrik W Lund
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