On Friday 2004-06-25 04:54 am, Karel J. Bosschaart wrote:

> In the first place stability, and as a bonus maybe some speed-up. I'm
> currently using the XFree86-4 port, and X screws up so often (daily) and
> badly (no console, ctrl-alt-backspace useless) that I'd like to try
> alternatives.

From http://freedesktop.org/~xorg/X11R6.7.0/doc/RELNOTES3.html#8 :

    3.3. Video Driver Enhancements

    Several stability issues with the support for the Intel 830M, 845G,
    852GM, 855GM and 865G integrated graphics chipsets have been fixed.

This might be an excellent time to upgrade to the X.org distribution.
Kirk Strauser

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