I tried to compile a new kernel from my 5.1 bsd cd.
"Config" and "make depend" worked well, but "make" stops and
print out some warnings about unused functions in npx.c (or something else).
I searched in the newsgroup and found some similar postings to this
It seems to me, that the problem appears when the RealTek pci NIC
device is included in the config file. Someone wrote in the newsgroup,
that gcc works with the wrong compiler flags, that means that the
compiler stops at warnings, but he didn`t mention how the solve this
problem or how to change the flags.
Any suggestions?

My Hardware is a d-link nic and the ensoniq 1370 soundcard, the other stuff is 
very common.

The MYKERNEL configfile is attached to this email. 

Hope you can help me. 

Greetings  Karim 

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