On 2004-06-26 00:59, Henrik W Lund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Now, what I did not expect is that if I set the FreeBSD drive as drive
> 0 in the BIOS, I am still unable to boot WinXP. The boot manager comes
> up, I select Drive 1, it prompts me again and I select the '???' entry
> (WinXP) - and the machine reboots. Selecting FreeBSD at the first
> invocation of boot0 gets me into FreeBSD alright.

> However, setting the WinXP drive as drive 0 in the BIOS things work
> flawlessly. At the first invocation of boot0, WinXP boots up if I
> select '???'. If I select Drive 1, and the second invocation of boot0
> appears and I select 'FreeBSD' - it boots FreeBSD!!

> Is this some weirdness of the BIOS? That the onboard IDE controllers
> are somehow inherently preferred, and that weirdness occurs if drives
> on any other controller are set to drive 0? It beats me, maybe one of
> you guys know. Please let me know if you do, as this befuddles me.

AFAIK it's not a weirdness of the BIOS but of the Windows XP loader,
which expects that it will be fired up from the first (and only) active
partition of the first disk.

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