just a little question. I've installed BSD 4.10 on a motherboard with Highpoint array Raid 0-1controller. I've used two 80Gb Maxtor HDD configured as mirror. All works very fine, atacontrol let me to add a spare disk as i need, the O.s. works without any problem and performaneces are very good.
Now, i would like to add S.M.A.R.T control on my disks and here we are with the problems:

BSD let me se only a combined device called ar0 (and of course this is right). The problem is that smartcontrol cannot check smart data on ar0 device.
Is there a way to see the two real device ad4/ad6 and check for smart datas?

I know that a 3ware controller would be a better choiche and will do the job, but then costs will grow more than i want.

Thanks in advance..

Alberto De Boni
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