Fellow BSDers,

        A friend here in Seattle offered to sell his IBM laptop
        for $100.  It needs a new CDROM drive and I don't think it 
        has a NIC.  I've been poking around the web and found that
        ebay has several Thinkpad 1400s.  

        i'M planning on using the 'festival' text-to-speech 
        synthesizer.  Having X would be  a plus, not a necessity.
        One of the Thinkpad-1400s says its screen is "HPA LCD".

        Two questions:  does X11 4.x work with this type of display?
        Also: are there any other (low-cost/used) laptops worth
        considering?  I do like that stick  mouse gadget.




        PS: This latop will have limited used, not heavy, daily

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