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 JJB probably wrote:
> Security Paranoia
> It's very important that you completely understand the impact of
> using the following command will have on your ability to make
> changes to your system.
> The simplest thing you can do is set the immutable flag on all
> system binaries and /etc config files with:
> chflags schg /bin/*(*) /sbin/*(*) /usr/bin/*(*) /usr/sbin/*(*)
> /etc/*(*)
> Setting the immutable flag on, means the files are marked as being
> protected from being written over. Once you execute the above
> command, no process can over write those files thus increasing the
> level of difficulty for the attacker and increasing the odds in your
> favor of the attacker leaving error messages in the system log. On
> the other hand you as root user can not make any changes to those
> file so marked either.

Only if you can't remove that flags (that is, only if you're running at
a securelevel>0).

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