I just installed FreeBSD 5.2.1 (from the ISO, not the latest patch level in CVS) and 
quickly ran into a problem related to the serial console.  I dropped "-h" 
(sans-quotes, of course) into /boot.config so that it would boot with output going to 
the serial console, as I've done many times with older versions of FreeBSD on other 
systems.  However, all startups after doing this freeze.  I get the "F1 FreeBSD, F5 
Drive 1, Default F1" prompt as usual, then get:

/boot.config: -h

BTX loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.01

.. and nothing more.  Nothing ever comes out the serial port and the system never 
finishes booting.  This install was working fine until I tried getting it to boot 
through the serial console.  Furthermore, because I never get to the point of the 
prompt to boot into single user mode, I can't figure out how to get in and remove 
/boot.config so that I can at least start up properly, if not with serial console 
support.  Any clues as to how to hose that file, or better yet, how to get it to stop 
seizing up during bootup?  Thanks for your time!

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