On June 28, 2004, Matt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hello freebsd-newbies,

  I am still fairly new at the BSD level, migrated from linux. The
  question that I have is, is Version 4.10 kernel compiled with IPFW2,
  I know the doc's say that CURRENT version has and that it was
  implemented in 2002, yet the doc's say that STABLE does not have
  it compiled into the kernel.

  Can some one please clarify

Best regards,
 Matt                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Hi Matt,

(Can't reply on -newbies, it's a list charter thing :).)

4.x versions come from the STABLE branch  and, so, do not
have ipfw2 compiled in the kernel by default. (Instead, they
use the older, and more tested, ipfw.)

If you want ipfw2, refer to 'man 8 ipfw', the section "using
ipfw2 on freebsd-stable," for very good instructions.


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