Hey List-

I'm trying to get linux Mozilla to work the linux Java SDK. Linux Mozilla 
itself works fine and have Flash plugins working, but when I symlink to the 
Java JRE (the ns610-gcc3.2 one) I get an error on starting Mozilla.

        [libgcc_s.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory]

Now indeed, said file is no where to be found on the system. Am I missing a 
port / package? Do I need a RPM from somewhere?

System Info:
        4.10 REL
        linux-base (rh 7) and various other dependent rpm are installed.

Both Moz and Linux Moz work just fine, I would just like to have the Java 
applets for the occasional foray onto Yahoo games :)  I could just compile 
the native Java..but thought if I'm having the problem, so might others and 
see if we can fix it.

Thanks list.

Henrik Hudson

RTFM: Not just an acronym, it's the LAW!
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