I am running into a problem installing packages via sysinstall within a jail using the CD media. I did a minimal install, but added the /usr/src directory. I followed the directions to setup a jail and copied /stand/sysinstall into the jail subdirectory. As per the directions, I then started up the jail and ran sysinstall. But when I attempt to install off of the cdrom media, I get the following error: "Error mounting /dev/acdoc on /dist: Operation not permitted (1)". Now it makes sense that a jail might not be allowed to mount a system device. My confusion is that these were the instructions and I have not seen any posts saying this is a problem. Is there a way to give the jail permission to access the CD device? Should I mount the CD from the host (outside the jail) but to a subdirectory the jail has access to? Such as /usr/jail/myjail/dist? Versus /dist? Thank you for any suggestions.

Frederick N. Brier

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