On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 06:05:40AM +0500,
 Iain Dooley probably wrote:
> thanks all for your suggestions. i'll refrain from running the portupgrade 
> on KDE whilst KDE is running.
> as for the patch procedures you guys suggested, i'm actually looking for a 
> way to do it without using the ports system at all. the problem is that 
> kdebase takes so long to build, and as we have already discussed i  can't 
> run it whilst running KDE, and it's a rare occassion that i can afford to 
> be without my PC for that long, and there is no individual port for Kate.

Just a minute. You shouldn't portupgrade KDE when KDE is running, but
you should be able to run `make' to build everything while KDE is
running, shut down KDE and `portupgrade -w' afterwards (which will use
the binaries built by `make' and install them, taking seriously less
time than the original `make') and restart KDE. At least that's how it
would with an ordinary port.

So if your only problem is that you can't use the thing without KDE,
then this approach should solve the problem (use nice(1) to change the
make's priority so that the box is really usable).

> the patch i've received is about 10 lines of code and the problem that it 
> solves is _extremely_ minor, so if there is no way to rebuild Kate without 
> rebuilding all of KDEBase, then i probably won't bother :-)

HTH anyway,

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