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Im a freeBSD newbie & have been struggling for some
time to get my adsl connection working on Freebsd
5.2.1 Release. I've tried many suggested
configurations for /etc/ppp/ppp.conf, and /etc/rc.conf
& read relevant chapters from 'Complete FreeBSD' & the
handbook, but my connection still dies before reaching
the LCP phase.

Im using an Alcatel Speedtouch 530 Modem connected to
Ethernet. My ADSL connection is fine in Windoze
however the configuration for the modem is usually set
through a web-browser. Do the modem settings(done via
browser) affect the connection in FBSD or does the
system simply take the settings from ppp.conf etc? Im
somewhat confused on this point. I can ping the modem
at and can open the web interface in X.
I believe your alcatel speedtouch (although I have never
seen one) isn't a modem, but a router. So you don't have
to mess around with ppp . You simply set it as default
gateway and dns server in /stand/sysinstall --> Configure
--> Networking --> Interfaces --> and select you NIC.

Or - if you prefer this - have a look at your Complete
FreeBSD and edit /etc/rc.conf manually.



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