Sergey Zaharchenko writes:

>  Just a minute. You shouldn't portupgrade KDE when KDE is running,
>  but you should be able to run `make' to build everything while
>  KDE is running, shut down KDE and `portupgrade -w' afterwards
>  (which will use the binaries built by `make' and install them,
>  taking seriously less time than the original `make') and restart
>  KDE. At least that's how it would with an ordinary port.

        One of the two of us is confused about this.
        As I understand it:
        A) Running "make build" but not "make install" doesn't really
solve the "installing while running" issue.  Sure, it won't install
for that port, but it will build-and-install for every port upstream
        B) ... unless you're suggesting starting at the top of the
dependency tree and doing build-but-don't-install by hand for every
component in order.  I consider this severely impractical; it also ...
        C) ... won't work with portupgrade unless one uses the "w" option.

        Or have I missed a memo?

                                Robert Huff

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