Vulpes Velox wrote:
I've been going though transfering all the freebsd mailing lists I've
subscribe to over to one account... the small problem I ran into is
this, I can send emails from this new account fine, but for some
reason if I send something to a list, it does not appear to show up...
I niether recieve it nor does it show up in the archive...

This message made it through. I've seen mailing list lag of up to 48 hours from time to time, so there may be some mail getting stuck on a queue for whatever reasons.

any ideas on what is happening?

No, although I'd wait a day or so and see whether the messages show up in list traffic, or whether you get a bounce. Also, you might dig up a message-id from your "Sent messages" mbox (if you keep them), and ask <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> to look into the matter. That's what postmasters are there for. :-)

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