I am budiling a web server.
Since it is ina remote data center wher I do not contrl the router I prefer
I to build firewall on the www server.

APF http://www.rfxnetworks.com/apf.php
very popular firewall in the linux world.



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From: Chuck Swiger
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Subject: Re: firewall for web server

Peter Zyumbilev wrote:
> Do you know some good tutorial for bulding firewall for FreeBSD as web
> server. I found a lot of tutorials but for FreeBSD as router.

First, are you building a firewall or a web server?

If you're building a firewall, you don't want to run any services like WWW
all on the machine.  If you're building a web server, you're probably not
going to be routing traffic, no-- to corresponds to your second remark.

> Some commented premade script with comments will also do the job.
> I was plannding to use APF, but I am afarid to install it on FreeBSD
> without good tutorial.



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