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Any suggestions on how to do this without DHCP?  That's really not
an option for me.  Can I delay the rc.conf processing somehow
so that the adaptor has more time to get online?

As far as I know there's no way to speed it up. That's just how long it takes for auto-negotiation to finish.


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I have 2 fxp Intel 100mb cards in this machine that work fine.  I have ran
it with 3 fxp
cards in the past.  I added an em0, Intel gigabit this morning.  The card
displays a
non active status during the boot process.  RC.conf is processed and the
does not get an ip address, while the fxp cards do.  Later in the boot
in bright white letters it shows the card status has changed to active.  I
believe my
problems getting rc.conf to assign the IP address are related to this.
would be appreciated.

5.2-p2 (feb)

I have also noticed that this card takes a while to become active... but
been able to get an IP using dhcp anyway... it just takes a bit longer
than for
the 100Mbit/sec cards.


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