I've been having a problem installing FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE on an old Acer Aspire (120 
MHz Pentium processor, 80 MB RAM) using a network install via FTP, and I've had it 
lock up (can't switch from standard view to the debug view or the holographic shell) 
with the hard drive light staying on multiple times.  I turned on the debug mode in 
sysinstall and it's happened twice when it's been trying to do this: 

cp -p /kernel.GENERIC /kernel

I also know that the cable on the first IDE controller has had some of its shielding 
scraped off from brushing against the top of the chasis, but it still looks intact.  
On the first IDE controller is a Quantum 2550 MB hard drive as the master and a 
generic CD-ROM drive as the slave.  The Quantum hard drive is getting the root 
partition as well as a swap partition and the /tmp directory.  The other IDE 
controller has a Western Digital 6448.6 MB hard drive and nothing else on it.  The WD 
drive is getting the /var and /usr partitions as well as a swap partition.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?  How likely is it that the 
less-than-perfect IDE cable is causing this problem?  If I can't solve this problem 
(with your help, of course), how can I work around it?

I'm subscribed to the list and am getting it in digest form, so I'll get your replies 
either way, though I'll get them faster if you send them to me directly.

Thanks in advance.

- Dave V.
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