On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 05:31:44AM +0500,
 Iain Dooley probably wrote:
> that's great! i never even thought of doing that... that way i can just 
> apply the patch as was described in earlier emails and then make install 
You mean make------------------------------------------------------/

> from the kdebase ports dir and then use "portupgrade -w kdebase" to add the 
> changes. thanks everyone for the great advice!

I hope you read the further emails (Robert's and mine). Either you have
all dependencies up-to-date, and do what I suggested, or you downgrade
the ports tree to the state where your dependencies are up-to-date, and
do what I suggested. The two other alternatives are giving it up or, if
you enjoy living dangerously, installing KDE's dependencies and
dependencies-of-dependencies (actually doing a `portupgrade') while KDE
is running.


The `build-depends' target seems to do exactly what your B) point
was about. Just FYI.

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