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Is there any reason why I can't directly run sysinstall when I am already currently in the /stand directory? The only way I can execute it is to enter /stand/sysinstall Is there a path configuration I can edit to get FreeBSD to search the current directory as well as common places like /bin?


I can't reply on newbies@; all technical advice should at least be subjected to wide peer review. (It's in the list charter...) I'm replying on questions@, which is more proper for this discussion.

I don't know the rhyme or reason to which shells include or
don't include the current directory in the default PATH or why...

That discussion aside, the PATH is an environment variable.
The way you set (and maybe view) it is shell-dependent. I'll
give descriptions for sh and (t)csh, which are most common;
if you use another, you might write back and be more specific.

In both shells, you can view environment variables with the
command 'env'.

In sh, you could do:

in (t)csh, you could do:
'setenv PATH .:$PATH'

Adding such a statement to your ~/.shrc and/or ~/.cshrc
startup script would save you from typing it each time...

Hope that helps,

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