Thanks to those who've helped so far.  I thought we were onto something,
but ...

> I just ran lmmon (lmmon -i) and got outrageously high readings: 185C,
> varying.  Yet the heat sink isn't even warm.  Assuming that lmmon can
> be trusted, have to check (read re-do) the thermal compound.  ...

Before fooling around with the processor chip, I did the fastest shutdown I
could (short of the reset button) and looked at the temperature known to
the configuration BIOS.  It was the same placid 39C +/- 1C.  This leaves me
fairly sure that lmmon is wrong; if it had been over 100C less than fifteen
seconds before, the temperature would still have been decaying.  OTOH, lmmon's
value did float/bobble like a real reading.

Is there another way to examine the CPU temperature on a P4 while FreeBSD
is running?  And, of course, there's still the original problem.

In the UNIX v5 documentation for a system panic, one entry read ``Definitely
hardware or software error.''  The next read ``Like the previous, but
produced elsewhere.''

My restart must be the one Produced Elsewhere.

   Mark Terribile

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