> When I do my compare of my tape against my snapshot, it's not uncommon for
> one or two files (always the same files) to be different.  The most usual
> culprit being my winbindd_cache.tdb file for Samba.  I thought the snapshot
> would not change over time as the files on the filesystem change.  Does this
> definitively indicate this particular file isn't being written to tape
> correctly most nights?  (Yes, I *AM* backing up my snapshot and comparing
> the backup to my snapshot, not the live filesystem.)

Are you sure you are comparing against the correct snapshot? If you use
dump -L, the snapshot is created, opened, and immediately unlinked,
then the open file is saved. After dump exits, the snapshot file is
pysically released.

Are you creating a snapshot manually? What commands do you use exactly?

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