Hey all,

My other message doesn't seem to have gone through, so I'll ask again.  

I followed the instruction to the letter from the documentation on the freebsd 
site for smtp auth via sendmail and cyrus-sasl.  In order to get sendmail 
running, I had to delete a bunch of nearly blank lines from around line 80 to 
line 90 or so, then it booted just fine.  I also had to edit rc.conf to 
include the following lines:


Everything seems to have started just fine.  So, I removed the corresponding 
lines in /etc/mail/relay-domains for my current host, to test the auth 
fuctionality.  Without auth setup in my mail client (tried in both Outlook 
and Kmail), mail gets blocked, asking for auth.  Trying it with both clients 
configured with the authentication settings, I get the same error.

Is there something I'm missing.  Adding the lines to rc.conf wasn't really in 
the handbook, but I found they needed to be added in order for a server 
restart to come back up correctly.

Eric F Crist

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