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> Greeting,
> How do i translate any outgoing mail from [EMAIL PROTECTED] to
> indicate [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> I have tried the genericstable as well as the userdb and
> no luck attached is my configs, please assist.
> I've tried the config setups below and the the From address
> gets translated to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and not [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> hostname.mc
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
> dnl define(`confUSERDB_SPEC',/etc/mail/userdb.db)
> Cwwormhole.pcs
> MASQUERADE_AS(`bcx.co.za')dnl
> FEATURE(masquerade_envelope)dnl
> FEATURE(allmasquerade)dnl
> FEATURE(nocanonify)dnl
> FEATURE(genericstable, `hash -o /etc/mail/genericstable')dnl
> GENERICS_DOMAIN_FILE(`/etc/mail/generics-domains')dnl
> dnlFEATURE(nodns)dnl
> define(`SMART_HOST', `')
> Dmwormhole.pcs
> define(`confDOMAIN_NAME',`wormhole.pcs')dnl
> define(`confDELIVERY_MODE',`deferred')dnl
> MAILER(local)
> MAILER(smtp)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> wormhole# cat genericstable
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 From cf.README:
genericstable   This feature will cause unqualified addresses (i.e., without
                a domain) and addresses with a domain listed in class {G}
                to be looked up in a map and turned into another ("generic")
                form, which can change both the domain name and the user name.
                Notice: if you use an MSP (as it is default starting with
                8.12), the MTA will only receive qualified addresses from the
                MSP (as required by the RFCs).  Hence you need to add your
                domain to class {G}.  This feature is similar to the userdb

So in your genericstable try to add qualified addresses:


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