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> i have written a howto for people willing to switch from XFree86 to 
> xorg. Ok, at this time it is only available in german:
> http://www.bsdforen.de/showthread.php?p=39983#post39983
> But i also have some questions about switching to xorg. 
> (1) Will xorg be the default X in future FreeBSD Releases?

Probably.  It seems that most of the Linux distros have switched or
are switching to it, and the Unix vendors like Sun always were behind
X.Org anyway.  

There is has been a discussion on the x11 and docs mailing lists
covering all of the whys and wherefores.  A good place to start is


> (2) I have xorg running, without a problem, but if i install a new 
> application with a XFree86 dependency i have to run "pkgdb -F" to fix 
> the dependency to xorg stuff (and imake-6).
> If i change /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk and the entries about XFree86 and 
> imake-4 to xorg and imake-6, the change will not be permanent (cvsup 
> will overwrite the change):
> [...]
> LIB_DEPENDS+=   X11.6:${PORTSDIR}/x11/xorg-libraries
> [...]
> .if defined(USE_IMAKE)
> BUILD_DEPENDS+= ${X11BASE}/lib/X11/config/date.def:
> ${PORTSDIR}/devel/imake-6
> RUN_DEPENDS+= mkhtmlindex:${PORTSDIR}/devel/imake-6
> [...]
> So, is there another way to fix that permanently or a work-around?

Eventually something like what you propose will be added to
bsd.port.mk or whichever makefile is appropriate.  Until then, you're
going to have to maintain your patches in parallel to the ordinary
development of the ports tree.

On the whole though, you can get by without fiddling in the makefiles
if you're prepared to run pkgdb(1) to fix up the dependencies after
the fact.

The X.Org stuff is still considered experimental at the moment.  As
more and more people start to use it and it gets well debugged, the
ports infrastructure around it will be improved.



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