> Wondering if you could copy the ports base of a FreeBSD server to a CD, then 
> copy the CD to another FreeBSD server of the same version.
> I searched through many docs on CVSUP, but didn't find the answer to this 
> question. I simply want to streamline the constant building and rebuilding 
> of FreeBSD 4.10 servers. Each time I build one, I have to run the CVSUP to 
> update several ports, etc. This really extends the build time of a server.
> I figured if I could simply copy the ports tree structure to CD, then copy 
> that to the other servers, I'd save some time. I don't have enough hardware 
> to keep a constant CVSUP mirror locally, I already looked into that.

I don't see any reason why this would not work.  If the machines are all
running the same version of FreeBSD I don't think there will be any

This doesn't seem to me to be any different than building/installing
ports on host A and then mounting /usr/ports on host B from host A via
NFS and doing a make install of the already built ports.

 - Mike

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