On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Eric Crist wrote:

I've just installed ClamAV with Milter support.  I was wondering how I
would go about adding a signature at the bottom of outgoing mail to
indicate that it has been scanned?

I wouldn't bother, for two reasons:

1.  Clamav-milter adds a couple of X- headers to the message, saying it
    was scanned.  This is what was in your message:

    X-Virus-Scanned: clamd / ClamAV version 0.72, clamav-milter version 0.72
        on grog.secure-computing.net
    X-Virus-Status: Clean

2.  I'm not aware of any general way to add a note to the bottom of any
    message, unless you ban all multipart messages and/or attachments from
    passing through your system.  Your users/customers might complain
    about that ;)

Personally, I think the idea of such a signature is just a "feel-good" thing and doesn't actually add anything other than a false sense of security. Depending on how often you update your virus DB files, and which virus it is, a message containing a virus may get through the scanning without detection. For example, I've got a copy of W32.Spybot.Worm sitting on my disk that clamav doesn't pick up, even though I submitted it to them when I first received a copy of it, several weeks ago. Norton/Symantec, Trend, and F-Prot all detect the virus and try to delete/quarantine the file.

If you really want to go ahead and do this, read the clamav-milter manpage and look for --signature-file. Personally, I see no value in it.



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