I've got a DVD with a 1.2cm scratch nearly parallel to the track.
This doesn't prevent mounting, and mplayer can play all other
.vob files. The scratch happens to be in the middle of a single .vob
file, so when mplayer reaches it, it freezes and a lot of READ BIG
messages appear on the console (as expected).

Now the question: is there a way to read up to the scratch, seek
forward to skip that region, and then to continue reading? The idea
is to dd as much of the .vob file as possible up to the scratch; skip
(how much? how to find out? reading the file backwards?) then dd
the rest of the file, and cat both parts. The problem probably boils
down to: how can a process detect beginning and end of the scratch,
without freezing in read(2)?

Any ideas how to do it?


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