> Greetings:
> Currently i have 2 drives ad1 (10 gig) and ad2 (10gig) on my bsd system that I would 
> like to use for file storage. I want to create a mounting point, /files_area, that 
> could treat the two drives as one.  So when I add files to /files_area it treats it 
> like one big 20 gig drive.  is this possible? can someone point me to some docs on 
> howto do it?

Start by studying up on vinum(8).    The FreeBSD handbook and man pages
and then some searches should tell you what you need to know.

Also, please break your message lines at abou 70 characters length.
It makes it easier for many of us to read and to make responses.


> thanks,
> Brian
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