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This is for Linux, but it is a project to replace Windows Terminal


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I was wondering if there is a way to set FreeBSD up to replace a Windows
2000 server. The company I work for uses terminal services client to
connect to the WIN2K server. When users connect they can log in and
create documents, spreadsheets, etc. Currently I use rdesktop on FreeBSD
at work to connect to the WIN2K. It would be nice to replace the Windows
machine with a *BSD.

I read the OP as an interest in replacing the Windows 2000 server, not anything client-side. Assuming that's right...

If you replace this W2K box with a FreeBSD server, you can provide replacements for pretty much everything the Windows box can do (*full* Exchange functionality being a possible exception), and add some new stuff. You can certainly give users the ability to bring up a remote desktop on the server and do work, including creating (word processing) documents and spreadsheets. VNC is perhaps the best option for Windows clients, you could carry on using rdesktop.

In fact, while Windows was designed as a single user system, and terminal services is a sort of bolt-on afterthought, FreeBSD is a multi-user environment from the ground up.

But they'll be using a FreeBSD desktop. You can provide a nice window manager and a full office suite. It won't be the Windows GUI and it won't be MS Office. There may be retraining issues and also probs with backwards compatibility with previously created documents - depends how many Office features the users are taking advantage of. Simple documents are fine. Complicated, Visual Basic-ridden stuff won't work well or at all.

Having said that, it would be a step into a brighter future to make this replacement :-)

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