On Thu, 01 Jul 2004, Bruce Hunter wrote:

> I am trying to archive this directory for backup purposes. I am getting
> this error when trying to create a new tar file. 
> Solisix/
> Password:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] tar -c Solisix/
> tar: /dev/sa0: Cannot open: Operation not supported
> tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
> What is wrong? Permissions? I am root..

you have to change the tar -f option:

man tar:
     -f [hostname:]file
     --file [hostname:]file  Read or write the specified file (default is
                             /dev/sa0).  If a hostname is specified, tar will
                             use rmt(8) to read or write the specified file on
                             a remote machine.  ``-'' may be used as a file-
                             name, for reading or writing to/from stdin/std-

For example: tar -cvzf /home/me/backup/solisix.baktar.gz /Solasix/files

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