Hi list,

must ask again... I'm still stuck with this. It's pretty weird. I have 10 
directories each owned by a unique group. All 10 directories are set 750.
The groups have been added using pw and user www has been made a member of 
every group by using pw. This has worked a hundred times. Information is 
correct in /etc/group.

When I open a session as user www by using su and try to list those 10 
directories by using 'ls -l *' I get 6 times the directory contents and 4 
times 'Permission denied'. ...All directories are 750 and user www is a 
member of all groups...

Looking at 'strings /usr/sbin/pw' I see four CVS tags, the newest three years 
old. So i don't suspect a bug there.
Now what could cause behaviour like this? Where should I keep looking for the 
Please see the original post too. It seems I'm either missing something here 
or something is very broken with my jails.

On Friday 25 June 2004 15:00, Jonas Sonntag wrote:
> Any hints would be appreciated.

Any comments, too..
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