I have submitted the problem to FreeBSD using the send-pr program, as
Jonathan Chen asked me to.  I will follow up here with some details for you

Once the problem starts happening, it seems that I have to log off the
system and log back in again to fix it.  This usually (95% of the time)
fixes the problem.  It also only happens when I press a key - if I let vi
sit there with a file loaded into it, it will not get the error no matter
how long I wait.  The problem only happens when I press a key, and not
always the first one.  I can usually work in vi for 10-15 seconds before the
error comes up.

Anyhow, I have submitted the bug report and the link to my ktrace is still
up, so if anyone has any ideas about what could be causing this, I would
love to hear from you.  For now, my work-around is to just log off and back
in again when it happens, but as you can imagine, that gets annoying in a
big hurry.


Tim Gustafson
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