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> I'm a bit confused as to the function of the README.html files located in
> otherwise empty ports directories from a cvsup from only a few minutes ago
> (Fri Jul  2 04:45:00 MDT 2004). Of particular interest to me are the gtk
> engine and theme ports such as x11-toolkits/gtk-engines-collection or
> x11-toolkits/gtk-zenith-theme. At this point I haven't found a gtk theme
> or engine port that has anything but a README.html in it.
> Would someone please clarify the function of these nearly empty port
> directories for me, and detail what steps I can take to install a port
> such as x11-toolkits/gtk-zenith-theme which exhibits this format?

Those README.html files don't necessarily have any useful function.
They aren't part of the ports cvsup collections at all, so cvsup(1)
won't delete them.  That means that their presence in any moved or
deleted port will prevent cvsup(1) deleting the directory cleanly.

You don't need the README.html files during normal usage of the ports
tree -- only if you want to access via a web browser.  If you delete
all of the README.html files:

    # find /usr/ports -name README.html -print0 | xargs -0 rm

then cvsup(1) will clean up those otherwise empty directories.

As for the gtk-zenith-theme, you can tell from /usr/ports/MOVED that
it's now to be found in the x11-themes directory:

    % grep gtk-zenith-theme MOVED 
    x11-toolkits/gtk-zenith-theme|x11-themes/gtk-zenith-theme|2004-06-02|new category



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