Bandwithd and IPaudit do a good job.  I use both.

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> > John Lee wrote:
> >
> >> dear all,
> >> 
> >> i'm using a freebsd 4.10-stable server with 50 IP addresses.
> >> Is there any program i can install that will be able to tell me:
> >> 
> >> - how much bandwidth (ie. kbps) each individual IP is using?
> >> 
> >> trafcount seems to count total traffic only, any idea?
> >> 
> >
> > I.e.
> > ipfw + rrdtools or mrtg
> > from ports (net-mgnt):
> > netramet,  bandwidthd
> Any of these make real time statistics like iptraf under 
> linux. I also 
> need something like this for both general interface 
> (realtime) statistics 
> and for traffic monitorring (i can use tcpdump for this but 
> it would be 
> nice to have both caracteristics in one program).

I've used /usr/ports/net-mgmt/darkstat in the past on my home network. Its
pretty simplistic but it might be of use.

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