On Fri, 2 Jul 2004 08:28:12 +0200 (CEST), "Peter Ulrich Kruppa"
> Hi!
> I hope somebody on this list has another good idea, I haven't 
> thought of yet:
> I have a machine that came with two Excel Stor 40 GB ("Ganymede") 
> UDMA/100 harddisks.
> To install FreeBSD 4.10 I had to disable UDMA in the BIOS, 
> otherwise they wouldn't have booted (some complaint about ata0).
> Of course I wish to get UDMA working, since this is said to 
> improve perfomance significantly. 
> I checked if the UDMA cable is plugged into the correct places 
> for mainboard, master and slave - this is o.k. .
> Are there any other things (bios settings, kernel modules, magic 
> chants,...) I could try?

I've been using DragonFly so I am not absolutely certain 4.10 still uses
/boot/loader.conf, but if it does, then inserting the following line in
that file may help:


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