I am attempting to use DVD::RIP to rip a DVD (or a piece of one). It
tries to execute "tcprobe -H 10 -i /dev/cd0c" and fails with the error:
[fileinfo.c:118] file read error: Invalid argument
The code is "(read(fdes, buf, bytes)". (The value of bytes is 4.)

I also log a system error of:
dscheck(#cd/2): b_bcount 5 is not on a sector boundary (ssize 2048)

Is this an ATAPICAM or ATA issue or is it required that reads start at a
sector boundary? I assume that this code at least works on Linux systems
and I had always assumed that, even though the disk must start a
transfer at a sector boundary, the driver buffered the data to make it
appear as a byte stream. Maybe I'm confused.

Any suggestions on this are appreciated as I want to get a better idea
of what is happening before a report the problem.
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