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> bump.  At the very least perhaps someone could point me to some docs
> that give a good explanation?

> Hello,
>       I'm having some difficulties understanding the
> semantics behind the
> resolver in FreeBSD, and how /etc/host.conf, /etc/hosts, and
> /etc/resolv.conf fit together.


Have you tried looking at the man page for each?  The command to view
the man page for the above is, respectively:

# man host.conf

# man hosts

# man resolv.conf

This should explain the exact function of each.

In conclusion, read the man page first, and allow more than one hour and
four minutes (1:04:00) between your original message and a bump.  I
don't check the email this list is directed to for a day or so
sometimes.  Some people are very quick to respond, others can take days.
I have, on rare occaisions, waited over a week for a legit response.

Be patient.

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